1956 Chevy 210 – Updates and First Test Drive

Been a while since I posted any updates on this one… Over a year to be precise. Last update on this hoopty rig was May 2013. Been a busy year for me. Wrapping up a divorce, raising a lil dude, build crap and other crazy shit takes a bite out of your time… I tossed in a rear window I scored in a trade for a spare gas tank! I also became one of the few individuals whom have ever used tin-snips to radius the wheelwells on a 1956 Chevy…. Mmmmmmmm……... [Read More...]

Rusty McGee the 1971 Chevy

The newest addition to the Fleet o’ Beaters is this 1971 Chevy Cheyenne 4×4. Despite the rust be-speckled exterior its actually amazingly rust free. After helping my Bro-in-Law Jimbo with his 1969 Chevy C-10 truck I knew the rockers are notorious for disappearing into the elements, as are the floorpans and cab corners (the last two were not an issue of Jimmy’s truck) but this truck had none of those problems. Just a crap ton of... [Read More...]

Project Leftovers: 1931 Ford Model A Coupe

So it all started with me rounding up all my leftovers and random junk I’d collected over the years and whipping up a temporary frame for my 1930 Ford Model A Coupe project to sit on in my sideyard while building other crap. It was pretty basic, a stock Model A frame, a Mor-Drop 1932-1936 Ford axle which had recieved a crude but heavy drop (5.75 inches!), a pair of 1932 spindles, leftover brakes, leftover springs, a quicky split wishbone hung... [Read More...]

Beater ’56 – May Update – 1956 Chevy 210 two door sedan

So it’s been a while so I figured I’d post a couple pictures and update y’all about my beater ’56 Chevy project! When I scored the tunnel ram for $60 the “dump in a running engine and tranny” plan snowballed into “gee, let’s port the heads, install a lumpy cam, headers, and other fun bits”. I should be firing it up and breaking in the cam real soon, just waiting to wrap up a few little details,... [Read More...]

At the Trainyard – 1967 Plymouth Valiant Coupe

Just a few update snapshots of the Valiant, still haven’t sold it yet! Runs great, been driving it all over town. Slant six still knocks out decent economy, although I can’t measure it because the gas gauge is broken!  Read More →

1974 Plymouth Gold Duster – My second car – Photos from the Past!

My folks found this set of pictures of my second Duster, a 1974 Plymouth Gold Duster originally equipped with a 318 two barrel, 904 automatic, 2.45 geared 8 1/4 rearend, and a SNAKE SKIN VINYL TOP!! Oh yeah, super swingin’ 70’s baby!! I made many great memories in this car. With a 2.45 geared rear end the top end was amazing, I buried the 120 MPH speedometer a lot more than my parents would have cared to know. The two barrel top end... [Read More...]

January 2013 Turlock Swapmeet

Remember the first time you touched a boob? That’s the feeling I get whenever the January Turlock swapmeet rolls around and this year was no different. About a week beforehand I walked my sideyard and garage and listed everything I didn’t want on Craigslist and netted a wallet full of cash to spend in the annual Modesto Area Model A’s world famous swap meet. Armed with his little red wagon Panel Pete was on the hunt for V8-60... [Read More...]

Lost Footage Found!! 56 minutes from 2005 – Paso Robles, Relics Car Club

An insight upon what was happening at the WaywardGarage, circa 2005!! My Dad found this collection of footage on a camera disc my sister used to video us. Links to pictures and other Paso Robles 2005 pics:  Read More →

Drunken Garage Burnout – Kyle’s 1955 Chevy

Kyle’s “1955 Bel Air V8 charged Chevy” doing a burnout in his garage. Sayonara neighbors!! Not shown: the Tracy cops showing up, asking us quite politely to “stop revving the engine” He did not issue any citations, despite burnout tracks, copious empty beer bottles, and Kyle trying to sell his car to said police officer. Thank you Tracy cops for being so cool!  Read More →

Better Late than Never! – Billetproof 2012 Car Show – Sep 29, 2012

I was awake before dawn and the cool fall morning air was crisp and sharpened the edges of your senses. The exhaust was burbling away on the jalopy roadster as the engine warmed up and the promise of an exciting day that filled me with excitement. This morning I was meeting up in Livermore on Vasco Road to caravan out to the show. Matto ‘Double Trucker’ Jamison showed up driving his 1939 Ford truck while his Econoline was being piloted... [Read More...]

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