Chrysler Electronic Ignition Wiring Diagrams

Here are some useful schematics for the Chrysler Electronic Ignition system.

When pulling parts at the junkyard you can use the Chrysler electronic ignition distributors from ’73 until the vacuum advance unit on the distributor disappears should work. Avoid anything from a “Lean Burn” setup completely.

You will need to get the distributor, control module, ballast resistor and wiring harness for the ignition system.

Here are two possible wiring scenarios, however, you can wire for the 4 pin and not worry about the other pin, it works fine without it.

Chrysler Electronic Ignition Wiring Diagram

Chrysler Electronic Ignition Wiring Diagram

Make sure the control module is grounded well or you may have other mystery problems.

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    One Response to “Chrysler Electronic Ignition Wiring Diagrams”
    1. Robert Armstrong says:

      Is there any reason why you could not use a dual pickup Dodge Dist. like a dual point Dist ?
      I have an 82 dodge truck with a single pickup & the dual pick up looks like it should work as a dual point/ pickup to me ?