2006 Memorial Day Paso Robles Car Show Trip – Friday

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Friday morning at the Relic’s camp!!!

Also completely untested before the Paso Robles trip was Janelle’s 1948 F-1 pick up!! Made the whole trip without any big problems!

Brian’s “oval window” bug.

Greg, Jon, and I went to scout the area out.

Some old farm. They were fixin’ the house up, I bet all this cool old tin will hit the crusher.

’69 or so Ford convertible.

Old-ass adobe “casa”. That place was way cool!

It seemed like a good thing to take a picture of at the time….

Then it’s off to the Friday cruising for us!!

It’s my third year going to Paso, and I still haven’t cruised a car yet. You need to be registered for the show, any I haven’t had anything entered ever. Maybe next year??

Greg got his picture with Melinda Miles, that pin-up girl you see in all the rat-rod magazine ads.

I got to sit in this Model A later at the show. It’s chopped 4″, and channeled 4″, and the guy said it had a 3″ tall seat riser. Getting in was an ass-first affair, but I could operate the pedals. I think if I don’t channel my ’31 I won’t have any big problems.

You can’t see all the flake on this car, but it was breathtaking, and I’m not a huge fan of bass-boat paint on cars.

I’ve been thinking about some classic hot rod flames on my Model A.

They look freakin’ awesome!!!

Even over the louvers!!!

Friday night my Mom almost died!!!

My folks were on their way back to the cabin, and the alternator froze up on his 1969 Chevelle. He pulled over to see what happened, and another pair of gearheads stopped to see if he was okay. He had the hood up, and were looking at the engine. My mom was on the passenger side of the car with the door open.

All of a sudden, a truck coming around the corner looses control or whatever, and my Mom jumps into the car, nearly missing the truck which was inches from the tearing the open door right off the car! It was so close it threw gravel into the Chevelle!! You can imagine my Pop’s feeling when he looks over to where my Mom was standing a minute ago and sees her missing!! I’d be beating them to near death with a tire iron!!

The truck goes right into the ditch and wrecks, sets off the airbag, and after a few seconds two drunk dudes get out, and run off. My folks call 911, and naturally it will be a while before an officer can be out there. The two drunk guys show back up, in a different truck, to get something out of the truck, and that’s when the Highway Patrol show up. Both dudes are cuffed and dragged off.

So make sure you give everyone you love a hug, because you never know when something could happen.

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